Teaching Awards

Morriston Teaching Award – Philosophy Department, University of Colorado Boulder: AY2017-18

Awarded to one graduate student annually for best philosophy instructor. 

GPTI Teaching Excellence Award– University of Colorado Boulder: AY2016-17 

Awarded annually to up to ten graduate instructors (out of thousands of graduate students teaching at CU). The semester-long selection process reviews the instructor’s teaching dossier and includes two unannounced classroom observations by two different faculty from outside the instructor’s home department. 

The award’s judging criteria include: (1) demonstrated excellence of the instructor above and beyond the typical experience; (2) unique and/or creative pedagogical skills; and (3) outstanding classroom and/or laboratory teaching practice.

This university-wide award is the highest possible distinction for a graduate instructor at the University of Colorado.

Courses Taught

Instructor of Record

Philosophy and Society, Phil: 1200, 2 sections per term, CU                        S15, S16

Intro to Philosophy, Phil: 1000, 2 sections per term, CU                           F15, F17

Intro to Early Modern Philosophy, Phil: 1020, CU                                     SMR16

Ethics, Phil: 1100, 2 sections per term, CU                                       S17, S18, S19

Philosophy and the Sciences, Phil: 1400, CU                                              SMR17

History of Science: Ancients to Newton, Phil: 3410, online, CU            SMR18, F18, SMR19, F19

Contemporary Social Problems, Phil: 1200, online, CU                                  F18, S19

Philosophy of Law, Phil: 2220, CU                                                              S19

Bioethics, Phil: 3610, 2 sections per term, CU                                                              F19

 enrollment per section is approx. 37 students 

Teaching Assistant Work

Intro to Philosophy, instructor: Graham Oddie, CU Boulder                             F12

Philosophy and Society, instructor: Michael Huemer, CU Boulder                     S13

CU Phil, Summer Seminar, Justice. Director: Robert Pasnau, CU Boulder     SMR13

Philosophy and the Sciences, instructor: Carol Cleland, CU Boulder                  F13

Intro to Philosophy, instructor: Dan Kaufman, CU Boulder                              S14  

Ethics, instructor: Robert Hanna, CU Boulder                                                F14

Courses Prepared to Teach

Metaphysics - all levels, including graduate

Epistemology - all undergrad levels

Philosophy of Mind - all undergrad levels

Philosophy of Science - all undergrad levels

Philosophy of Biology - all undergrad levels

History of Science - all undergrad levels

Philosophy of Language - all undergrad levels

Pragmatism - all undergrad levels

Logic - introductory level

Ethics - all levels, including graduate

Applied Ethics - all levels, including graduate

Bioethics - all undergrad levels

Philosophy of Law - all undergrad levels

Political Philosophy - all undergrad levels

Philosophy of Race - all undergrad levels

Feminist Philosophy - introductory levels

Early Modern Philosophy - introductory level

Ancient Philosophy - introductory level